Student Work

Ekphrasis Poems

Students were asked to write poems based on art workThese poems are linked with my comments included.

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Career Research Reports

These are research reports written by 10th grade students. The first is from a student with an IEP who typically struggled with writing even short assignments, while the second is from a student who usually received average scores on English assessments. Along with learning more about potential careers, one of the goals of this assignment was to include data and charts. It was one of the first times that these students were asked to use this kind of information in an English paper.



RAFT Writing

I believe that writing across the curriculum can add to both a student’s literacy development and content knowledge. One of my favorite forms of writing across the curriculum is called the RAFT. In it, students take on a different Role, choose a specific Audience, select a Format, and then write about a Topic. Here are some examples of RAFT writing assignments I have used.


RAFT Writing Assignment

Directions: Choose one of the following roles, audiences, and formats. The topic is already chosen for you: Colonization of Central and Southern America. Complete this assignment on a separate sheet of lined paper.


  • Conquistador
  • Aztec native
  • Inca native
  • Spanish colonist
  • Portuguese colonist 


  • Conquistadors
  • Aztec natives
  • Inca natives
  • Spanish or Portuguese ruler
  • Spanish or Portuguese colonist
  • Self


  • Journal/diary entry
  • Letter
  • Six-Panel Comic
  • Poem/song
  • Sketch/drawing

Topic: Personal experience of the colonization of Central and Southern America

Student Example 1-This is from a 12th grade student who loves poetry.

Hopeless lies

From the hopeless strangers.

Being made a guest

In my own home-

Like a bee

Estranged from her flower.

Pain and despair

Only lightened

By sickness and death.

Open wounds of my people,

Never to be sealed.

Trust and loyalty-

Lost words among these savages;

Savages that point

Their nose to the sky-

Bathing in the green and black

Of self-proclaimed riches.

Peace is for the weak.

Deception is the language

Of the victors,

Feeding sickness to their hosts-

Housing us in our own coffins,

Just waiting to be closed-

Behind our backs.

Under our nose.