Professional Development

I believe that it is crucial for educators to learn and grow continuously. I seek out professional development on a regular basis in areas of my practice that I want to improve, and I also attend those recommended by my administrators. Here are the professional development trainings that I have attended:

  • MiGoogle Annual Conference                                   November 2014
  • Classroom Assessment for Student Learning              July 2014
  • Reading Apprenticeship and Academic Literacy                        June 2014
  • Washtenaw Writing Collaborative Workshop                 April-May 2014
  • Reading Apprenticeship Training                                 December 2013-May 2014
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training                         August 2011 and December 2012
  • Reading Apprenticeship Training                                 January 2014
  • MCTE Annual Conference                                             October 2012
  • Eastern Michigan Writing Project Summer Institute        June-July 2012
  • Multicultural Diversity in the Classroom                                    March 2012
  • NCTE Annual Conference                                             November 2011
  • Circle of Support for Learning: Bully Free Schools          April 2011
  • NWEA MAP Training                                                   November 2010
  • First Days of School Online Program                             August 2010